Helpers Hungary is a one-stop-shop for foreigners living, working or doing business in Hungary. With 12+ years’ experience, and a staff of 20+ who are fluent in English and several other languages, we provide customer-oriented and tailored services to clients from all over the world.

Both local SMEs and international companies can profit from our comprehensive assistance packages that include:

Accountancy: bookkeeping, payroll administration and IFRS consultancy

Recruitment & HR: formulating job requirements, advertising and searching databases, language test and filtering the applicants, bilingual employment contracts and legal consultancy

Residency and work permit application: residency and related paperwork for foreign employees or business owners, along with their families

Starting a business: project management, consultancy and administration supporting business owners in launching and managing their business in Hungary

As a separate business unit, we also operate a full-service translation department, which handles press releases, corporate news, legal and communication materials in 25 language-pairs.

Other business and immigration services are available as described on our website or upon individual request.

Company Name: Helpers Hungary Kft.

Company Address: Buda Business Center, 1027 Budapest, Kapás utca 11-15.


Tel: +36 1 317 8570

E-mail Address:


Founded in 2000, CNS Risk Ltd is a UK-based corporate intelligence, advisory and investigations company with a specific focus on Central & Eastern Europe (CEE), the Balkans (SEE), and the Former Soviet Union (FSU). 

With offices in the UK and Hungary, CNS Risk provides strategic intelligence and conducts investigations to support companies and their legal and other external advisors.

Core Service areas:

•    Anti-corruption, fraud & bribery support

•    Intelligence & Investigations

•    Litigation & Dispute support services

•    Compliance & Regulatory advisory services

•    Cybercrime prevention and big data forensic analysis


In addition to our core intelligence and advisory services, CNS Risk operates CNSViewfinder, a rapid risk scoping service for Central & Eastern Europe that makes it easier for companies to identify compliance red flags, to understand who they do business with, and to know who they hire.

Acting as the first step in any regional due diligence procedure, CNSViewfinder can detect issues on the ground in CEE that might impact a company’s regulatory obligations at HQ.  It is quick and cost-effective and gives companies the confidence to make business decisions and to meet KYC & AML regulatory obligations. See the website for more information. 



About DIGIC Pictures

DIGIC Pictures is a high-end animation studio specializing in full 3D animation and visual effects for feature films, commercials and the video game industry.

DIGIC is best known for creating memorable pieces that truly excite, crafting fine details and realistic characters brought to life with world-class rendering.

Over the past 15 years,  DIGIC has undergone a period of successful expansion and has delivered over 100 trailers, TV and other commercials, as well as in-game cinematics totalling more than 250 minutes of top-quality full computer-generated imagery (CG). Located in Budapest, Hungary, the team now comprises over 270 full-time artists, technicians, programmers and managers, who have consistently created award-winning work, including Animago, Siggraph, ITFS awards just to mention a few.

DIGIC leverages next-generation technologies - such as its own 3D scanning and full-performance capture (body, facial, voice) facilities - which are constantly developed and expanded with custom innovations, to provide fresh new visual experiences for CG audiences.

DIGIC Motion is high-quality motion capture studio, equipped with VICON

Motion Capture system, consisting of 40 top-of-the-line T160 cameras, 8 faceware GoPro HMC.

DIGIC Photoscan is a 3D scanning facility producing high-quality, production-ready, fully textured 3D scans. They are produced for the film-, television-, and game industries, as well as for scientific use.


To learn more about DIGIC Pictures, please visit their website:



We are a medium-sized company with about 40 employees located in the industrial park in Csepel Island. Our story began in 1993 as Aspen Engineering Kft., and since then, we work under a new company name called Hamptons Kft., producing high precision metal components particularly for hydraulic assemblies, pump shafts and several other items, too. We can offer our services to save you time and minimise the risk of poor quality or delivery problems. The main application areas among others are the energy, mining and subsea industries. We have customers in the UK, Germany, Spain and China who have been using us for years with confidence. We serve our clients with reliability, short deliveries, favourable prices and high quality. For more information please visit For the Hamptons' catalogue, please click here.

Please click here to watch the video.




Business Portfolio

The Company’s references and it’s legal possibilities

Referens Information and Crime Prevention Ltd was founded on the 1st of October, 1989 as the first security firm in Hungary.

Ever since, we completed more than 60 thousand tasks, for Banks, Hungarian and Multinational Companies, in various sectors, such as pre-contract overview of business activities, information on brand counterfeiting, research on smugglers and forgers, debt services.

Our Clients were (including, but not limited to):

the former Magyar Hitelbank, Pénzintézeti Központ Rt., Konzumbank, IBUSZ Bank, REÁL Bank, Iparbank, Kereskedelmi és Hitelbank, Merkantil Bank, the Austrian Österreichische Sparkasse,the Ausztria Bank, the German Bayerische Landesbank, Dresdner Bank, Erste Bank, CIB Bank, Citibank, the Axel-Springer Magyarország Kft., Whirpool Rt., Hungexpo Rt., Pick Rt., Henkel Magyarország Kft., Pharmafontana Rt., OMV Hungária Kft., Arcadom Zrt., Trigránit Zrt., Sugár Üzletközpont, Fővárosi Közterület Fenntartó Zrt., MOL Nyrt., the American Forever Living Hungary Kft., the Hungarian AXA Bank.

Currently, our Partners are Raiffeisen Bank (since 8 years), OTP Bank (since 14 years), OTP-Faktoring Kft. (since 5 years), MÁV Zrt. (since 27 years), DuPont Magyarország Kft. (since 13 years), Syngenta Növényvédelmi Kft. (since 13 years), BASF Kft. (since 13 years), T-Systems [T-COM] Zrt. (since 17 years).

Allow us to say, without boasting, we have the strongest presence in the market of private investigation, with constantly given orders by law firms, liquidation firms, Economic companies and individuals as well.

Our Clients from the Security sector are  MÁV-START Zrt, the Magyar Államkincstár, Budapest Capital Asset Management Agency (BFVK), T-Systems Zrt. (Telekom), Antenna Hungaria Zrt. etc.

Our Company has the official police certificate, which is required by the law CXXXIII, 2005 and LXX, 2012 on the continuation of our activities. REFERENS Ltd. has the European ISO and AQAP 2120 Certificate, and in addition, the Company is reviewed on a yearly basis by the Hungarian Constitution Protection Office, according to the 218/2011 regulation our company is certified public enterprise, suitable for delivery by national security aspects and also for NATO military delivery.

In 2016 and 2017, our Company was awarded the highest qualification (AAA) of BISNODE, Europe's leading business information provider. In Hungary, only 0.63% of the companies has this kind of certification. [BISNODE rating is the international sign of company reliability and financial stability since 1908. The BISNODE certificate is used in many countries in Europe these days, and is a standard in international business deals.]

Besides the above, the National Tax and Customs Office (NAV) rated our company - steadily since the spring of 2016 - "reliable taxpayer, which means a quarterly review, in a retrospective five-year period. We also earned the "Reliable Company Certificate 2016" and "Consumer Review Certificate 2017" market recognitions as well.


Investigative Work

-      Debt Services

Discreet research on wealth and properties, typically before the commencement of legal actions (the debtor does not know about it). This procedure multiples the legitimate possibilities of the creditor to receive its claims. Its purpose is to find those properties and intangible property rights that are available for seizure by the law than in the so-called inefficient cases. We also provide detailed information about the debtor in the so-called inefficient cases (company or individual), revealing it's business status, the past of it' business executives (were they participating in liquidated companies, what were those, etc). Environmental assessments are made for the Client about the debtor's current business situation as well as the actual causes of delays related to the settlement of debts. We also perform negotiations with the debtor for Client request to sign an admission form (eg. declaration about its actual properties without disclosing the status of existing knowledge). After a detailed report sent directly to the Client, they may start the legal proceedings according to the Prospectus attached.

-      Pre-contract overview of business activities

Environmental assessments are conducted prior to contracting, and according to the findings, it's predictable if the potential partner will be unfit for the execution of the contract.

By that method, a future debt set can be prevented. After investigating the actual past and present of the future business partner, the weak points turn out and our Client will be able to strengthen the contract's legal and effective guarantees. One of the solutions is when our Client doesn't sign a deal with someone who practices dubious or harmful business activities then and now.

Our staff has great extensive experience in this area, especially from the conclusions of those cases that have been given to us in a very late phase, when the debt already accumulated, in fact, only salvage was carried out.


The state offers a grant or loan in many cases, for targeted implementation of various tasks. Its source is mostly the European Union so it's called "EU money”.

Frequently, the control of the execution of these targeted subsidies fails, while the consumption of the money is very often different than it's original purpose would have been, and if that's the case, in accordance with the contract the money should be paid back immediately. These cases can be prevented, and they can be filtered by target controls, so the implementation of tasks is managed by the deadlines contained in the contract. So the reality is explorable, changes can be made in the assigned execution, and disbursement of additional money can be stopped.

Within the framework of Aim Monitoring, we perform preliminary environmental and historical studies about the reliability of the supplier companies, it's business relations, its ownership structure, etc.

-       Information on brand counterfeiting, research on smugglers

Referens Ltd. deals with distributors of counterfeit or contraband goods since 1990. Markets and stores which are selling these kinds of products are continuously monitored by our colleagues. Our Clients are multinational and large domestic companies, such as Spirits Organisation- Szeszipari Szövetség, Zwack Ltd, MOL, OMV, Whiskas - Netherlands, Adidas, Philipp Morris - USA, Pioneer, DuPont, Syngenta Crop Protection, BASF Ltd., etc

During the past quarter of a century, we saved many millions of dollars for the Hungarian State by continuously exploring the smugglers and counterfeiters of brands.

Due to our continuous control of various stalls, shops, markets, as well as the online advertising places, the result is visible. For example, by exploring the pesticide counterfeiting and distribution of fake pesticides in Hungary, the rate of the smuggled pesticides was pushed back to 1.8-2% which is extremely good compared to the EU Member States, formally established around 7-8%.

-      Property protection / Security services

Currently, Referens Ltd's security branch provides armed and unarmed protection to the main cash desks of MÁV-START Zrt in Budapest; the office buildings of the Hungarian State Treasury in the capital, it's cash back sites and objects in Fejér county; the several conference halls of the Budapest Capital Holding Management, T-Systems Hungary Zrt's warehouse and office building, the Weener Plastic Ltd's premises; and to one of the transmitter bases of Antenna Hungária Zrt.


In the past few years, our major reference works were, for example the National Bank of Hungary (multiple objects) OTP Bank's 27 branches in Budapest, its centers in Nador Street and Deák Ferenc street; Sugár Mall, TriGranit Office objects, HUNGEXPO Co. Ltd. exhibition halls and office buildings; the Sziráki castle which belongs to the American-global company, Forever Living Products Hungary Ltd.



Forest & Ray Dental Budapest

It was around 10 years ago that Balázs Erdős and Marton Sugár started Forest & Ray Dental, the company that has since then won international recognition, and has over ten thousand pleased and happy patients.

Their first journey took them to the heart of England, straight to the British capital. Their main motivation at first was to provide patients who could not afford the high cost of dental treatments in London with treatment as dental tourists in Budapest, where they could access high-quality dental treatments for much more affordable prices.

To make things even easier for their patients, they founded the Hungarian Dentist in London dental clinic in 2006, which was the first and in some ways the only dental clinic that especially had the idea of catering to the 100 000 plus Hungarians living in London, plus the dental tourists coming to Hungary. To this day, the clinic is located at 8 Gilbert Place, in the direct vicinity of the British Museum, where highly trained staff and rigorous, Western European codes of conduct met. Their popularity was built on a simple recipe: give a consultation in London, provide treatment in Budapest, and aftercare and check-ups in London, with the same dentists the whole time in both locations.

Forest & Ray Dental is now open not only to the Hungarians living in London, but to anyone interested in dental tourism, and have specialised in serving the Italian, Polish and of course native population of London.

In 2015 the company reached yet another milestone: the doors of the Budapest dental clinic opened, giving Budapest residents the opportunity to engage with Forest & Ray Dental’s expert dentists, and to experience what has long been a tradition of success outside of the country.

One of our greatest assets is our multilingual customer care staff, which helps us overcome the language barriers that may exist between the clinic and our patients, thus providing treatment to foreign nationals living in the Hungarian capital.

Our clinic has received many awards. We have received Whatclinic’s Customer Service  Award in 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2016. This means that our patients are so satisfied that they took the time to give us a positive review. Forest & Ray Dental is listed on MEDIGO which has demonstrated excellent international patient experience in 2015.

The surest sign of success is that both the London and the Budapest dental clinic have a constantly growing number of satisfied patients, and they leave us with healthy and beautiful teeth.



Budapest Bank 

Budapest Bank is one of the best performing and one of the most responsibly run universal large banks with strong capital position and risk management, and best-in-market processes, customer portfolio and business partners. 

Budapest Bank was established in 1987 as one of the first three commercial banks when the two-tier banking system was created in Hungary. Budapest Bank is one of the top 8 major commercial banks in the market, provides the full range of financial services for consumers and corporations, within the latter segment focusing on small & medium sized enterprises. 

Main members of the Budapest Bank Group include the following 100% owned affiliates: Budapest Auto Finance, Budapest Fund Manager and Budapest Leasing.

The bank together with the affiliates employs some 2.800 people. Budapest Bank’s national branch network consists of 96 outlets today. The bank’s Operations Centre is located in Békéscsaba, East Hungary since 2006, employing 750 staff, and it is the second largest private employer in the region. 

Budapest Bank has been awarded the ‘Bank of the Year’ title on the most prestigious local banking award, the MasterCard Bank of the Year Program twice in a row in 2013 and 2014 for outperforming in a challenging market, as well as for operating responsibly and sustainably.

Ownership Background

After privatization the owner of the banking group was General Electric (GE) between 1995 and 2015.  On June 29, 2015 the bank became Hungarian State-owned as it was acquired from GE by Corvinus International Investment Ltd., part of the Hungarian Development Bank (MFB) Group.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate responsibility and sustainability is core to Budapest Bank strategy, also recognized by several prestigious awards. For more information please read their Corporate Responsibility Report.


GE Lighting

GE is a world leader in the innovation, design, production and application of energy-efficient LED solutions. We are also at the forefront of linking pioneering connective software with light fixtures to create intelligent integrated systems that unleash a whole new potential for how we light our world.

Please click 
here to watch GE Lighting's Light is Bright video.

Lighting technology has come a long way over the last few years, and continues to rapidly change. In particular, the commercial market is undergoing a dramatic transformation, swiftly moving toward intelligent LED solutions. In the future, integrated LED lighting systems will undoubtedly be at the forefront of lighting technology, with fixtures and controls that are able to sense complicated environmental parameters and deliver tailored outcomes.

Please click here to watch GE Lighting's Re-Imagine Your City: Connected City with Intelligent Lighting video.

One of their most recent indoor lighting projects was the complete LED retrofit of Canterbury’s central museum, library and art gallery – the Beaney House of Art & Knowledge.

Please, take a look at their case study by clicking here.


A project GE Lighting is really proud of is the all-LED store of Sainsbury’s; with GE Lighting’s LED solutions Sainsbury’s achieved its 59% energy reduction target. 

More on that in their cases study.

Today, they’re seeing more and more municipalities adopt LEDs for roadway lighting. Energy-conscious cities and those looking to save money on ever-tightening budgets are turning to LED street lighting. Hugely energy efficient, cities are finding that LEDs also eliminate the need for constant maintenance.

Their recent projects in Torbay, UK and Balatonfüred, Hungary are prime example of how they partner with local authorities to help them achieve their sustainability goals whilst improving services.

Please click here to watch Shine a Light on Torbay video.

GE’s EMEA headquarters are located in Budapest, they have and can be contacted using the details below.

About GE Lighting in Hungary 

GE Lighting is changing the way people light and think about their world in commercial, industrial, municipal and residential settings. Light brightens our path to a better way of being. Today, light is intelligent. Light listens, learns and sees. GE. Where Light Is Bright.

GE Lighting is one of the world’s largest lighting manufacturers, offering over 6,000 lamp types in EMEA for industrial, commercial and household use.

GE acquired a 50% plus 1 share majority in Tungsram, and later increased its stake to 100%. Today GE Lighting in Hungary operates 6 plants in 5 cities, as well as its EMEA regional headquarters and Global Technology Center in Budapest. The business employs over 6,000 people in Hungary.

In 2012, GE Lighting opened its European LED Center of Excellence at its Nagykanizsa plant. A year later GE Lighting established it’s Living Lab in Budapest to test and showcase its latest lighting technologies. In 2014 GE Lighting developed the E+Grid installation in the capital of Hungary with the objective to establish an adaptive and smart lighting system that would ensure a positive energetic balance.

GE Lighting has provided the latest LED lighting technology to numerous public lighting projects in Hungary. In cooperation with GE Lighting the local government of Balatonfüred has successfully upgraded the city's public lighting system.

About GE in Hungary

Since late 1989 GE has been one of the most significant multinationals operating in Hungary. Today all five GE core businesses are active in the country. Currently GE is the largest U.S. investor and employer (13,000+) and one of the biggest exporters of Hungary, while as a customer has a key supplier base of 2,000+. As a supplier, GE’s 21st century energy, transportation, healthcare, water and lighting solutions can help Hungary to develop and increase its competitiveness. The key to this success is GE's culture of partnership with our associates, with local communities, with the business & scientific community and with the government.

GE Hungary Kft.
1044 Budapest, Váci út 77.
Tel: +36 1 399 1100
Fax: +36 1 399 1672


Lineo International Consulting - Celebrating Life


Lineo International Consulting has been offering a wide portfolio of assessment tools, development programs, professional trainings, coaching and mentoring in fields of professional and personal development for more than 20 years. Our specialties are corporate trainings in the field of leadership skills, communication skills, managing skills, as well as coaching focused on solutions, and evaluation of our services which are measurable. Being a member of International Coach Federation, Lineo is a guarantee for your organization to receive globally recognized coaching approach.


Personal and Business Development


We believe that everyone has the right to improve. We do not only work with clients, we serve them. Lineo helps you to have significant empowerment in personal and business life. Lineo’s unique trademarked (™) coaching and training methods are prepared for customer satisfaction which has been experienced by hundreds of people around the world. The key of our approach is in the ability to combine various methods and fields of coaching:


Personal Development

Life coaching services are specifically tailored to the individual and focused on the entire life’s success and progress. Life coaching is motivational, inspiring, exciting and a guide to action. 


1. Life coaching (it helps an individual to look at where he is now and where he’d like  to be, and helps to overcome this gap)

2. Career coaching

3. NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming - multi-dimensional process that involves the development of behavioral competence and flexibility, but also involves strategic thinking and an understanding of the mental and cognitive processes behind behavior)

Business coaching

Are you ready to take the steering wheel of managing your life? The main objective of business coaching is to accomplish the plans of the individual and to implement those steps by which the individual is able to get from one point to the other.


1. Executive coaching

2. NLP techniques for businesses (with NLP communication techniques you can motivate better, think more positive and achieve goals sooner)

3. Leadership coaching (helps clarify vision, beliefs, and values, and stretches the capacity to lead and influence. Leaders then become catalysts for change within their organizations)


Organizational Development


Lineo is dedicated to make a huge impact on the development of companies and organizations. The provided business trainings and coaching tools incorporate into the daily professional activities of leaders, managers and supervisors. We always maximize our efforts to make the best for your needs, therefore, all our trainings are tailor made. After analyzing a situation we will present the most productive solution.


Courses and Trainings


Lineo is proud of not only doing what it loves but teaching it. The Coaching, NLP and Mediation Academy of Lineo has been attended by more than 1000 satisfied people who became Life, Business coaches or Mediators. 

For further details on the latest summer “Personal Breakthrough For Managers Training In IBIZA”, please click on:

Managers from Hungary

Managers from abroad

For further details on the Course and Training Catalogue of Coaching, NLP and Mediation Academy of Lineo, please click here.


Lineo International Consulting LTD
H-1071 Budapest
Damjanich u. 58. 1/2
T +3670 394 5336


Improving Performance through People

The Wilson Learning Difference

As a recognised global leader in Human Performance Improvement Solutions (HPI), Wilson Learning Worldwide focuses on the “human side” of the business and strives to create a synergy between people and business strategy.

Wilson Learning does this by offering an extensive range of world-class solutions with a focus on:

• Leadership
• Sales and
• Individual effectiveness

The approach Wilson Learning Worldwide has for HPI includes diagnosing skill gaps and building customised performance improvement solutions which can be easily integrated into daily work practices, and are designed to have maximum impact on business results over the long term.
At Wilson Learning their team becomes part of your team as we work together to strengthen the talent that underpins your success – your people.

Who they are

Wilson Learning Worldwide was founded in the USA in 1965 by Larry Wilson, and today operates on a truly global basis with five Regional Headquarters and a presence in most major countries across the globe.

Since its origin, Wilson Learning Worldwide has worked with the brightest minds and the world’s leading thinkers to deliver proven sales, leadership and workforce development solutions for: 

• 50 countries
• 30 languages
• 800 global customers
• Fortune 1000/
• Forbes Global 2000 companies 

The Wilson Learning cluster of the three Central-European countries: Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia was established by Grow in 2013.

Wilson Learning’s expertise lies within the design and provision of seamless, consistent, high‐quality development programmes translated and culturally adapted into local languages and delivered by top class, native‐speaking facilitators, who are sensitive to cultural and national market needs.

Their organisation is consistently recognised as a leading provider of leadership, sales and workforce development solutions by independent bodies:




For more details on the Wilson Learning training in Hungarian, please click here.

For further details on Wilson Learning Capabilities and Course Catalouge, please click here.


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NETIS Informatics Ltd.




NETIS is a young, dynamic Hungarian IT company, offering system integration, hardware infrastructure and software development services, with high quality additional services such as project management and various forms of after-sales support. The company has ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certification, and offers reliable support and services in completing EU-funded projects, from the first project idea through the project management to the final documentation, necessary training or follow-up activities.


Software development with professional design


The software development team can professionally design, develop and implement fully functional commercial software with attractive design. NETIS is also active in R&D projects, especially in the medical and veterinary industry. For software development we use both brand new technologies and proven, efficient solutions. We prefer modular software planning and development to ensure gradual implementation and simple, fast upgrade in the future.  

The NETIS team offers development services by using C#, ASP.Net, Java, JSP, HTML, Java Script, XML, WML, Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, MS Sharepoint.


Managing complex EU-funded projects, Public procurement


NETIS has a vast experience in participating various smaller and larger projects for private and public organisations, including projects (commercial and R+D) co-funded by the European Union. Projects are supported by effective project management and precise, detailed administration to ensure full compliance. Our client references include several out-patient clinics and hospitals, the Hungarian Development Bank, Budapest Airport or Fresenius Medical Care Hungary. We work with business partners and academia to develop new, innovative products, often supported by various EU funds.

Our experienced team welcomes all IT project management challenges in several sectors, including healthcare sector, education, finance, manufacturing, Government and public sector. 

System Integration Services 


NETIS can re-structure and update existing ICT systems, by adding new elements and functions. Services can include system planning, project management, audit of existing systems, installation and testing, full configuration, fine tuning and complete training of staff with comprehensive documentation. We are Symantec, Cisco, Fujitsu and HP partners have particular knowledge and experience in installing, upgrading and fine-tuning Microsoft-based networks. We have Microsoft Silver Application Development and Microsoft Silver Server Platform Certificates. 

Infrastructure services


NETIS can design, deliver and install various, high quality IT hardware systems including:


• Structured cabling systems (Copper and fibre) and wired/wireless communications networks;
• IT security systems (Access Control network solutions, Antivirus and Firewall, Virtual Private Networks and Remote working solutions);
• Server infrastructure and server management (RISC and x86 based servers, virtualisation, storage and data saving systems).



More information:


ÉVA LAJKÓ  Bussiness Development Manager
E-mail: / Tel.:+ 36 (70) 310 6632

NETIS Informatics Ltd. / HU - 1134 Budapest, Váci út 49.
Tel.: +36 (1) 878-1653 / Fax: +36 (1) 878-1655 / E-mail: / Web:


BCCH member-to-member offer – Netis Zrt.


1. Save, archive and store your data safely! BCCH member Netis, as Microsoft Silver Server Platform Partner and Select Expert Partner of Fujitsu, would offer its flexible ICT backup solutions, based on Fujitsu Primergy and Eternus products, Windows 2012 virtualisation and Symantec Backup Exec systems. 
Netis and Fujitsu offers a robust data save and archive system for the smallest organisations, and a 24/7/365 operation architecture either for mission critical business processes or the whole central ICT infrastructure for mid-sized or large companies.
Netis offers 15% discount from its list price to design, supply and install a safe, reliable system to store and archive your data safely and offer a continuous availability of all your mission critical ICT systems.


2. Make your presentations smart, exciting, 3D and portable! Try the famous and popular Hungarian innovation, Prezi to add a new style to your corporate, sales or internal presentations. Netis would like to offer its expertise to add professional design and easy-to-understand structure to your content with our professional graphic designer. Call us for an individual quote and have your new business presentation ready within a few days. For some examples please view some of our previous presentations with Prezi. 



Finance and Accounting training with BPP Professional Education

BPP Professional Education offers financial and business training adequate at every level in one’s career. The company is one of the largest ACCA providers in Hungary and also offers training courses towards the CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants), DIPIFR (ACCA Diploma in International Financial Reporting), and FIA (ACCA Foundations in Accountancy) qualifications. Their portfolio also includes finance and accounting training for all levels of staff: Capital Markets, Executive Finance, IFRS training, US GAAP, Finance for Non Finance professionals and more.

Nowadays financial and accounting professionals face a tougher business environment than ever: stricter regulations at national and international level, high expectations from both the governments’ and from clients’ side. BPP’s mission is to provide an outstanding level of professional training in order to equip participants with up-to-date financial and accounting knowledge in order to differentiate them from everyday professionals. BPP’s exam training courses (ACCA, DipIFR, CIMA) offer an internationally recognised certificate upon completion of the programme.

The success of their training courses is guaranteed through expert tutors, prize winning teaching materials, continuous support and outstanding administration and client service.

BPP tutors are qualified professionals with relevant business experience in what they teach. They know what it takes to integrate training into busy work schedules and will help you not only to pass your exams, but also to realise your ambition.

BPP as the training provider of choice for many top financial and international firms, invests heavily in developing and tailoring material and expertise on each course offered. As a result of this, BPP Learning Media is the only publisher currently holding ACCA platinum status, which is the highest level of accreditation.

Regarding continuous support, a team of highly trained professionals is available at any time for participants requiring any syllabus-related assistance, and a customer service team to provide technical or administrative support at each stage to ensure maximum convenience.

BPP is ready to adapt to participant and/or employer requirements by offering classroom, blended (classroom + online) and online courses best fitting a work schedule and busy lifestyle. Courses with tailored content are also available upon request.

Drawing on over 35 years of experience, BPP provides the practical knowledge you need at any stage of your career.

For all courses offered in Hungary please visit

BPP Professional Education
H-1075 Budapest
Károly krt. 3/A
T +361 483-1221
F +361 483-0762 01-0982-04

InterContinental Budapest

The BCCH VIP Club Discussion series is back, and the InterContinental Budapest has again generously agreed to be the host of these events. Just a few steps away from the Danube, but still situated in the heart of the city and only minutes away from Váci utca, the Hotel offers an excellent location topped with breathtaking views of the Royal Castle, Chain Bridge and the Fishermen’s Bastion, even from the conference rooms. But it is not only business that can bring us to the InterContinental, as there is a wide range of other services that they can offer.

Flawlessly planned
The InterContinental Budapest offers 402 beautifully appointed guestrooms, including 18 river view suites and 184 superior rooms with Danube view. Carefully selected designs and materials create an opulent yet elegant atmosphere in the rooms, allowing guests to completely relax and enjoy the convenience of 24-hour room service, Instant Service Centre, WiFi, coffee & tea maker, turndown and laundry services.

Club InterContinental
With memorable views of the Danube and the Budapest skyline, Club InterContinental is designed for those travellers who appreciate personalised recognition and distinctive amenities. A wide range of exclusive services, including private check-in and check-out, dedicated concierge services, private buffet breakfast, all day refreshments, pre-dinner drinks, snacks, business centre facilities and wireless Internet are available in our Club Lounge.

Mouth-watering cuisine
Guests of the Hotel's Corso Restaurant & Bar can enjoy authentic Hungarian cuisine carefully harmonised with an impressive wine and cocktail selection, in an unobtrusively elegant environment with views of the Royal Castle and the Chain Bridge.

Unique meeting facilities
Hosting many of the largest and most prominent city events in the past, InterContinental Budapest’s conference and meeting space facilities can be the perfect choice for meeting initiatives of all types for 10 to 850 persons. Unique in their size and tradition, the Hotel's 12 meeting rooms featuring natural daylight are fully equipped with the latest audio-visual technology. Boasting over 740 square metres, the Ballroom creates an ideal setting for any kind of event, customised entirely to the organiser's needs.

InterContinental concierge
What are the hottest spots in town? Which show is simply a must-see? How about a relaxed and delightful stroll through the city to discover hidden secrets of Budapest? The Hotel's concierge team is more than happy to share its insider knowledge with guests. Being In the Know, they will return home with truly authentic and enriching travel experiences.

Catering's best
A glittering gala event at the end of a successful conference or incentive trip, an awards ceremony or a product launch – Catering’s Best by InterContinental is the perfect way to round off. The team will be pleased to recommend a wide choice of unique event locations in Budapest and its surroundings. Above all, they understand what it takes to create an occasion that guests will be talking joyfully about long after the event is over.

SPA InterContinental
The 482 square meter, state-of–the-art SPA InterContinental features four tastefully decorated treatment rooms including a stunning VIP spa suite for couples. A high-tech fitness centre, complimentary fruit and refreshments in the relaxation area, highly trained therapists, a rich variety of body, facial and beauty services, a resistance swimming pool and resting beds are to make sure that all their guests' needs are catered for.

Tel.: +36 1 327-6366
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Diageo Business Services Budapest

Diageo Business Services Budapest continues to unleash the potential of every employee through coaching and leadership development programme

At the core of Diageo's Talent Strategy is the commitment to 'release the potential of every employee'. People are at the heart of the company's success and so they remain the focus inDiageo Business Services Budapest. They see development as a journey for their managers and they believe that through their company values and their leadership development programme including coaching training they can unleash great talent.

Diageo's annual employee feedback survey results and external recognition – Hewitt’s Best SSC Employer in Hungary Award in 2010 - confirm that they are a leader among companies in Hungary in the areas of coaching and leadership development. Coaching trainings have been run successfuly in-house, based on the company's own global model for nearly a decade.

They offer a variety of different interventions for managers to become great coaches. They organise classroom trainings, provide special training on coaching communication tools, and are currently working on a new programme to create "scenarios" for situations such as "new member in the team", "poor performer in the team", or "managing career steps". Beyond these opportunities they encourage their leaders to use their coaching learnings in everyday life, acting as role models both at and outside of work. They also support them with supervision and team coaching sessions where they can share their experiences, difficulties and successes.

Coaching is like running a marathon – it requires training, the process can be very personal for participants, and a coaching period can last for months. It can be challenging to make the outcomes of this process visible. Results are thus measured through Diageo's People Manager Feedback tool, which is rolled out bi-annually to all managers; and they are also made transparent by sharing success stories with employees in the local newsletter.

Coaching is an important element of this leadership development programme; however, it is not the only one. It is embedded into a one-year journey for managers called New Leaders’ Academy. The stages of this journey are:

1. Coaching Essentials Training – has been developed to understand the roles and responsibilities and qualities of both a coach and a coachee and the art of coaching. Participants improve skills in the areas of building relationships, questioning, listening.

2. Breakthrough Performance Coaching (BPC), and the model that underpins it - they are key to accelerating the company's collective and individual leadership to achieve their ambitious business performance. The BPC Strategy goal is to ensure they embed a systemic breakthrough coaching culture that enables their leaders and managers to leverage the talent, commitment and energy of all people in pursuit of the goals around breakthrough performance.

3. Coaching Tools – they support managers with basic communication tools for coaching to become great and effective coaches. It completes knowledge and skills learnt on Coaching Essentials Training and BPC workshops.

4. Managing Self Training – equips managers with basic understanding and leadership knowledge, different leadership styles used with different line reports depending on motivation and skills. 

5. Recruitment Skills Training - managers can learn efficient selection and interview techniques.

At the end of this one-year journey, managers will have already tried out many of the new tools and techniques in practise, have more experience in leadership and feel more confident when managing teams. And it is not only them who benefit from this, but everyone around them: their line reportees, peers and colleagues as well as the company; making  Diageo Business Services Budapest a unique workplace with great leaders and company culture.

FirstMed Centers

Healthy employees make good business sense

With more than 10 years’ experience providing premium outpatient medical services, FirstMed has launched its new Occupational Health service for the benefit of businesses and their most important assets: their employees.

In order for businesses to increase their productivity and efficiency and to ensure that they are meeting government targets for health and well-being at work, it is vital that organisations have access to skilled, qualified and experienced Occupational Health professionals. 

All employees in Europe have, by Law, Occupational Health coverage. Under the Hungarian Occupational Health Act, employers are required to arrange, at their own expense, Occupational Health checks for their employees in order to prevent work-related health risks. The employees' health status and their working ability are evaluated and monitored during medical examinations performed before employment and periodically thereafter.

The primary goal of Occupational Healthcare is to sustain and promote the health and working ability of employees. The Occupational Health service provider should propose prevention and control measures for the elimination of unnecessary work-related exposure and risks during normal operating conditions. Before carrying out an Occupational Health check at a particular workplace, the Occupational Health provider will first acquire general information about the industry in which the company operates. The examinations will focus on different criteria depending on job demands, workplace circumstances and individual employees' health characteristics.

FirstMed’s Occupational Health service ensures that a thorough and professional approach is taken to safeguarding the health and working ability of the employees. FirstMed’s custom-made approach assists companies to choose affordable and convenient services that meet the organisation’s specific needs.

In addition to Occupational Healthcare, FirstMed offers many other medical services such as pre-assignment (pre-employment) health examinations, periodic health examinations/manager screening, return to work health examinations, general health examinations, fit-for-travel checks etc. 

Due to increased demand, FirstMed has recently completed a major phase of expansion thus increasing the clinic’s capacity and broadening its service offer.  The new more modern clinic environment is ideally suited to providing a high standard of Occupational Health and other medical services for management, employees and their families.

All at FirstMed strive at all times to offer excellence and value in the medical services provided.  At FirstMed, Your Health Comes First!

For further information please contact FirstMed Sales Executive Gabriella Richman via email or call +36 1 224-9095.



How title insurance could speed recovery
An interview with John Maidens, CEO for First Title Insurance plc

by Robin Marshall

Title insurance can help a transaction move more quickly and safely, often at less cost than using conventional due diligence. That, says John Maidens, CEO for First Title Insurance plc, means that capital goes to work quicker, and yields arrive earlier; two very important considerations in a hard economic climate.

But what, exactly, is title insurance, and why should businesses be interested in it. “Title insurance protects owners from unexpected third party challenges against any defects in title, which may affect an owner’s ability to use or develop a property,” explains Maidens. The cover provided thus “enables land to be developed, mortgaged and used, notwithstanding a range of title defects…. In short, title insurance mitigates risk.”

The First Title group of companies has operating throughout the UK and Europe for more than 20 years. According to its website, “consistent company growth has been achieved via product innovation, diversification of services and through strategic acquisitions”.

First Title is an UK-based, FSA-regulated insurance company, authorised and regulated to issue policies in the UK, Ireland, and throughout the EU, and will also consider risks in Russia, Serbia and Croatia. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of The First American Corporation.

Maidens insists the products First Title sells have not changed because the economic times have become more difficult, but he does suggest that the ways in which they are used, and the reasons for using them, have.

“We are finding that buyers and banks are beginning to look to title insurance to supplement the protection that they would ordinarily secure from a seller through property-related reps and warranties. Indeed, we have already worked with Administrators, such as BDO, to replace property reps and warranties in order to preserve the value of the assets. I would envisage that this type of application of our product will increase as ‘distressed assets’ begin to move in the market.

“Further to this we can assist borrowers and lenders when refinancing corporate debt where property is the mainstay of the security. Rather than reviewing the quality of the security to give the lender certainty that the charge is fully enforceable, we can insure and guarantee the assets, giving the borrower leverage over the interest rate negotiation.”

None of which means the company, represented in Hungary by former BCCH chairman Andrew Jackson, has a magic recession-busting wand to wave, although Maidens says he does see some signs of improvement.

“I believe that there are reasons for cautious optimism, with more attractive valuations, combined with a return of risk appetite; there has been a very gradual return of confidence to the sector, particularly prime property. Our enquiry levels are very healthy at the moment and we are confident of the market picking up during 2010.

“In CEE, transactions are still a bit slow, although we are seeing more activity in the last quarter. Lending is expected to remain tight through the first half of 2010, which is likely to limit transactions. We are bracing ourselves for another challenging year, but have some bright spots; Poland seems to have the most positive signs for recovery.

“In Hungary we have a residential retail product that will be launched soon. This is the first of several countries for this product.”

Maidens, 49, joined First Title in August 2007 as its Financial Director, having worked in senior finance roles within the insurance industry in the UK, Europe and the United States. He was appointed CEO of First Title Insurance plc in September of this year.


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