Date: 11-12 September 2019
Venue: Budapest
Further information:

The Digital Innovation Forum is an extended civil initiative, that goes way beyond governmental, industry and service providers conciliator forums. The Digital Innovation Forum is a professional community coordinated by The Digital Future Foundation.

Members and Supporters of The Digital Innovation Forum are all committed to support rapid development of future proof broadband networks (eg. 5G), create the balance between demand and supply side and also eliminate all obstacles from raising the level of digital skills amongst citizens and companies as well. All the above actions support competitiveness, provide equal opportunities for all, thrive the development of cybersecurity and close the gap between EU and US/Asian in socio-economic terms. The Digital Innovation Forum supports all actions/projects that are moving the main goals forward in practice.

The network of The Digital Innovation Forum acts a catalyst where not only the exploration of digital innovation happens – LEARN - but also the effective sharing of those projects – SHARE – result in mutual professional and business achievements while bringing awareness and recognition for our network – CHANGE.

Programme and milestones for 2019:

- Preliminary occasion: 11/09/2019, Budapest: ITU Telecom World 2019: dedicated panel session titled to: Digital Integrity of West Balkans.

- First meeting: 12/09/2019, Budapest: signatory process and ceremony of the Digital Social Agreement for West Balkans. Planned attendance of the event are the WB6 country high level representatives (Minister, Deputy Minister and State Secretary), EIB and the Director for Innovation at DG Connect. Members and Supporters of The Digital Future Foundation will also participate at the signatory, in order to strenghten the professional significance of the Agreement.

Main goal of the Digital Social Agreement for West Balkans is to support the innovation and integration objectives of the WB6 countries. The Digital Innovation Forum intends to channel EUR 150 million direct investment to the region between 2021-2027 for the following innovation directions:

- future proof broadband network deployment (5G ready),

- foster digital skills (education, knowledge sharing),

- digital transformation across industries,

- innovative services based on digital infrastructure (e-utility),

- e-commerce (integrated systems, e-taxation)

- Second meeting: 15-17/10/2019, Amsterdam: Members of The Digital Innovation Forum can showcase the main elements of the Digital Social Agreement for West Balkans during the Broadband World Forum event in Amsterdam,

- Third meeting: 3/12/2019, Brussels: During the EU Flagship Broadband Days, Members of the Digital Innovation Forum will connect challenges and solutions for WB6 countries in a dedicated panel session. By the end of panel the Forum will conclude the action plan for 2020.

ITU World 2019 Budapest -

by the Digital Future Foundation (DGTF)

Background: As part of the ITU World 2019, the Digital Future Foundation will organize a panel session on the "Digital Integrity of the West Balkans" under the main umbrella of the Digital Agenda. We have participated at the Digital Assembly 2018 in Sofia, as Digital Leaders of Hungary where all 6 West Balkan country representatives and Commissioner Mariya Gabriel have concluded in an agreement where the importance of West Balkan integration to Digital Agenda has been approved.

Aim of project: As a follow up of the initial agreement and common approach, the Digital Future Foundation will organize a panel session (approx: 90 min) during the ITU World 2019 event with the purpose of discussing the next steps of the actual integration. We are inviting the 6 country representatives (mainly State Secretary and Ministerial level, the same who have been present in Sofia last year) and a high level person (Commissioner Marija Gabriel) from the Commission in order to discuss the biggest challenges ahead of the possible integration and also to discuss the main issues that the region faces in regards to Digital Transformation.

After the successful panel session, on the following day, we are going to run a "closed door, invitation only" Business Summit, where solutions could meet the challenges.

On top of the business summit we are aiming to sign a high level support document:

"title coming soon" with the 6 countries, EC representative and possible business partners who could support the initiative of the new working group. As part of the program, we are also going to agree on the fortcoming work plan for the second half of 2019 and a closing in event in Brussels during November 2019

Panel Session on "Digital Integrity of West Balkans" approx. 90 with

approx. 150 attendees:

- Opening remarks: Sponsors' welcome speech (max: 10 min)

- Main presentation: Commissioner Marija Gabriel, (max: 10 min)

- Short, country specific digital challenges: (max: 6x5 min)

- Tatjana Matic, State Secretary, Serbia

- Sasa Dalipagic, Deputy Minister, Bosnia and Herzegovina,

- Dragica Sekulic, Minister of Economy Montenegro,

- Valdrin Lluka, Minister of Economic Development, Kosovo,

- Damjan Mancevski, Minister of Information Society, Macedonia,

- Dorina Cinari, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Albania.

- Panel Discussion: (max. 40 min)

- 6 Networking "coffee" breaks: (30 min each) during the day.

ITU World 2019 Budapest -

by the Digital Future Foundation (DGTF)

Sponsors Package for ITU World 2019, Networking Breaks and the follow up

Business Summit includes:

§ Sponsor’s logo & activity identifier on the Event Programme viewable from the

Event website & app

§ Promotion in a pre-event html e-newsletter + in a ‘What’s on Tomorrow’ enewsletter

§ Session synopsis provided by sponsor to be included in Daily Highlights section of


§ Sponsor’s logo & hyperlink on Event website homepage Partners & Sponsors scroll

§ Sponsor’s logo & hyperlink on Event’s Partners & Sponsors webpage

§ Sponsor’s profile entry in the online participant listing viewable from the Event

website & app

§ Sponsor’s logo included in Thank you to Sponsors recognition on digital signage

at Event

§ Executive filmed interview with Sponsors on an area related to their ITU Telecom

- World 2019 participation for inclusion on the Event website; ITU YouTube Event

playlist; in the Daily Highlights Emails. Video also available for sponsor to share across their own networks.

§ Eligibility to apply for the prestigious Awards Programme recognizing most

innovative solutions with a social impact

§ Guest blog to be posted on the Event’s website and promoted on the Event’s social

media platforms § Optional: sharing promotional material and giveaways

§ Optional: additional branding (eg standing banners)

§ Session to be made available post-event as video on demand (VOD) on the event


- 20 exhibition passes

- being the main sponsor of the follow up Business Summit,

- main business partner of the signature event,

- 1-1 business dedicated sessions with the panel members from all six countries,

Branding in the refreshment area where event delegates gather 6 times a day

between sessions (30 mins per break), plus the option to distribute promotional

material and giveaways.


- exhibition possibility during the ITU World 2019 event: min 9, max 18 m2,

- being partner of the planned event in Brussels November 2019,

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